Our agenda is to provide quality and highly skilled legal services for big and medium-sized business, to solve complex legal issues, to support exclusive projects.

Main areas of practice:

- Representing interests of legal and private entities in the court;
- Real estate and construction Law;
- Land Law;
- Legal support of enterprises of the agrarian sector;
- Legal services for legal entities, including foreign legal entities;
- Solving of tax disputes;
- Financial Law.
Sofiya Law Firm та PlantAgro консультують аграрний бізнес з юридичних питань
В Україні триває робота з підготовки до впровадження ринку землі. У зв’язку із цим Sofiya Law Firm та PlantAgro запровадили серію відео-консультацій з юридичних питань для аграрного бізнесу.

Oleksandr Polivodskyy pointed 5 steps which a farmer should take before the opening of the land market
We need to prepare for the opening of the land market and build our market strategies accordingly. Keep in mind that the market is just around the corner and its consequences can be important.

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