Viktoriia Varienikova has specified 6 focus areas in the organisation of waste management

Every Ukrainian annually produces on average 250-300 kg of waste. And this amount tends to increase. The accumulation of waste adversely affects the environment and human health.

Sofiya Law Firm associated partner Ms Viktoriia Varienikova has told about the 2018 legislative environment in waste management as part of a meeting entitled 'Ecotransformation 2018: Ecology and Safety' and held recently in Kyiv.

During her contribution, Ms Varienikova has pointed out that improper recycling and disposal of waste, dumping of solid waste disregarding potential hazards, inefficient economic instruments for waste management, and the virtually zero use of recycled waste constitute major environmental threats.

Ms Varienikova is of the opinion that certain drastic measures taken by the Government lack efficiency too. 'The disposal of non-conditioned (unprocessed) solid waste has been banned since 1 January 2018. However, even administrative liability for failure to comply with the abovementioned ban has not yield the desired result,' the expert pointed out.

According to the expert, the following steps should be taken to address the issue of organisation of waste management:

- local authorities should take effective measures to implement systems for the separate collection of household waste;

- local authorities should interact with relevant communities with the active participation of businesses;

- everyone should develop a mind-set 'you are what your waste is';

- the National Waste Management Strategy and, consequently, the EU Association Agreement should be implemented;

- transparent tenders should be put in place and relevant service providers should be selected by different focus areas; and

- the funding for quality collection, separation, recycling and disposal of waste should be raised.

The meeting entitled 'Ecotransformation 2018: Ecology and Safety' and organised by MEDIAPRO National Education Centre gathered together more than 50 environmentalists who have presented to the attendees their cases and achievements in managing environment protection processes and operating in difficult environmental conditions, and recent changes in environmental legislation.

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